Dental Vocational Training Authority (DVTA) was established by the Secretary of State for Health in October 1993 as a Special Health Authority.

The remit of the authority is to adjudicate applications for Vocational Training (VT) numbers from dentists who wish to join a health authority dental list.

Health Authority

Dentists cannot be included in a Health Authority (HA) dental list unless they have either completed a period of Vocational Training (for details of how to apply get in touch), or have gained experience or training that may be regarded as equivalent of such training (for details get in touch), or are within one of the specified categories of exemption from VT requirements.

The DVTA has the function of maintaining a register of the VT numbers allocated to dentists in Amersham, Hertfordshire and the nearby London area who have satisfied the Authority. The DVTA allocates numbers on behalf of Health authorities in England and Wales. Similar arrangements exist in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Vocational dentistry training

The purpose of this training is to improve clinical and administrative competence and promote high standards through relevant postgraduate training to meet the needs of general dental practice.


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